Kingaroy Aeromodelling Society

Slideshow of KAMS fly-in , May 2000.

Start learning to fly on your computer.

Freeware Flying Model Simulator (FMS) http://simulator.home.pages.de

System requirments
FMS needs an IBM-PC or a 100% compatible computer with at least 300 MHz clock frequency.
Operating system: So that FMS runs on your computer, an operating system Windows 9x/Me/2000 with DirectX 7.0 (or later) must be installed. (Download DirectX from http://www.microsoft.com/directx/)
Graphic card: The graphic card must support 3-D-acceleration with DirectX.
Control: You can control FMS either with the keyboard, with a joystick or with your own remote control. For the operation with a remote control you need a free parallel or serial interface which can be driven in interrupt mode, and fit an interface.
Sound: FMS supports all DirectX compatible sound cards.


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