HMCCQ Centurion Rally 2001
Kingaroy - Queensland

The pictures are in a slide show - just watch and enjoy some excellent vintage machinery. (25 sec. cycle)

To be eligible to enter this rally, the combined age of bike and rider must exceed 100 years. 26 eligible bike and rider combinations from HMCCQ branches in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Dalby and the Kingaroy host Club had an enjoyable tour through area to a billy tea and damper morning tea stop, followed by another navigation section back to a B-B-Q lunch.
The rally number allocated at sign-on is the numbers of minutes past the hour the entrant leaves the start. Without knowing the Rally Route (only the route organisers know the rally route), entrants must nominate an average speed for the entire event. Entrants pass a hidden Check-point and are clocked into morning tea - BUT - morning tea is 30 minutes and entrants are not clocked out of the Morning Tea Control. The computer takes the arrival time, adds 30 minutes to set the departure time. Electronic Timing gadgets are banned, so to win this event, you must leave the start on time, hold your average speed at all times, check out of morning tea on time and get to the finish on time - all without knowing how many hills you must climb and just where the route will take you. Entrants lose 1 point for every minute early or late to a control. The computer generate a result very quickly and in the event of a tie, the place is awarded to the oldest bike / rider combination.


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