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Historical Motorcycle Club of Queensland Inc. - Kingaroy Area
  • See where Kingaroy is on the Area Map
  • Meetings - 7:30pm 1st Tuesday of the month at the Soaring Club Rooms, 
    Kingaroy Airport. Phone Geoff Hosking on 07 4162 4321 for details. 
    Visitors always welcome.
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Objectives of Historical Motorcycle Club of Queensland Inc.
  • To encourage proper restoration and preservation of the following class of motorcycles: Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage,Post War, Historic.
  • To actively engage in rallies, exhibitions and other events suitable for these machines.
  • To offer the services of the club, its members and vehicles to such charitable organisations as may be decided upon from time to time.
  • To encourage the retention of the above classes of motorcycles in Queensland.
  • To extend club membership.
  • To encourage in such activities, associated or allied with, all or any of the above objectives, which are intended to promote a better and wider knowledge and understanding of motorcycles among club members and the public generally. Membership is open to Ordinary Members, Family Members, Life Members, Honorary Members.

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