1948 Ford Anglia Tourer
8 hp sidevalve

1948 Anglia Tourer
Body is a 1948 Australian Martin & King. Currently fitted with a 10HP Prefect motor with 8HP head (7.6: CR), 2 x 1" SU's and extractors.

Starting work on the woodwork round the back of the tub.


More photos of the first restoration (not carried out by myself) when I can scan them in. Car was in a very sad state when first found in 1985.
Will take a lot of work to resolve some of the bodywork problems caused by the first restoration. The woodwork has tightened up the body so it no longer flexes and pops the doors open. The chassis is in need of some radical work to fix areas where rust has taken hold. Fortunately, this is a small car - not much to paint and not much interior to work on. This is a long term project that will only get worked on as time and funds permit. The other running cars and bikes absorb most funds and time.

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I have received an email to correct the build year of my car - I had alway though it to be a 1947 (as shown on the registration papers) - the chassis number of my car is Y360838. I had a look through 'Ford Popular and Small Sidevalves by Dave Turner' published 1984. Page 55 shows an Anglia sedan with the caption of "From December 1947, the E04A featured a restyled grill surrounded by a bold Anglia label" - exactly as described in the e-mail. I still can't work out if the engine number and chassis numbers are related - if they are, then, from the same reference, January 1948 - engine numbers start at 353,001, April 1948 engines start at 358,649 and July 1948 engine numbers start at 364,445. By this logic they were building about 1630 engines per month which would put my car about 600 builds into May 1948. However - all these numbers relate to UK production. Production of the E04A ceased in October 1948 when the E494A Anglia was released. Exactly when my chassis and engine were delivered to Martin & King in Australia for the coach work and then deilvered to the customer I have no idea. This of course assumses the chassis number and engine numbers are related. It can't be any later than October 1948 or it would be an E494A!

Updated 05/07/2002
The chassis number (or the engine number for that matter) has little bearing on the age of the Australian built Anglia Tourers. The body number was assigned by Martin & King at assembly time, whereas the chassis number was assigned by Ford in Geelong to corrospond to the engine fitted to the car. For these cars, being Australian assembled, the engines would have been stockpiled and used way out of year / Ford engine number dating sequence.

Body Colours:
Pale blue, mid blue, dark blue
Pale green, mid green, dark green
Post Office red, London tan, cream, yellow, baige and tan, (some two tone)
Interior - Red, Dark Green or Blue.
Most bodies were one colour with '47 & '48 grill bars and hub caps mostly cream but different to the body colour.

A couple of easy to spot differences between '47 and '48

'48 has Anglia script on top of the grill but '47 does not
'47 has spare tyre door without a boot, whereas the '48 and later have the boot (wonder where you put the picnic basket in a '47?)
'47 has front bucket seats - '48 has a bench

I would like to thank Rebecca (who is 13 years old and belongs to the Victorain Club) and Rebeca's Grandfather (Ron) who owns a '47 Tourer and worked for Martin & King, for pointing out the differences.

Ron Guest 1947 Australian bodied Anglia Tourer , Melbourne, Victoria.

Dallas Jones 1948 Australian bodied Anglia Tourer under restoration in Geelong, Victoria.

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